Monday, May 26, 2014


Here's the story.

I received this email while I was at the beach.
NotificationYour parcel has arrived at May 24th, 2014. Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you.
Print your label and show it in the nearest post office to get a parcel.
I keep a folder that holds all receipts of things that I've ordered. I couldn't think of anything that couldn't be left, so I ignored this. I got this notice another time. Then, Stephanie asked me if I had received my Mother's Day gift. That's when I figured this had to be it.

I received another notice. This time, I clicked on "Print Shipping Label." I got the message that it "wasn't found." I tried it again. No luck. I just printed this email.

Butch took it to the post office. They told him that it is a fraud. Apparently, when you click on print shipping label, it will ask you to send money. Of course, I would never fall for that. Still, I hope that by clicking on it, I haven't infected my computer with something. I'm a Mac user, so I think it's unlikely.

Just wanted to give you a "heads up." There are so darn many ways to trick us. I try hard not to fall for anything. I wouldn't have fallen for it this time if it hadn't been for Steph adding to the confusion.

Oh, and by the way---my Mother's Day present was great!!! Bath balls from Lush! I think I'll use one today. I'll definitely be smelling good! Sandy brought me a soap and lotion set with a cute metal holder---Limoncello---an Italian collection from Bath and Body Works. It smells so good!!

The Lapps' left this morning. I'm going to get a few things caught up around here and then spend the afternoon reading.


  1. OH, I love those bath balls from Lush - what a great gift!

    So many fraudulent things these days - we have to always be aware!

  2. Oh I get a lot of these lately but I never open them even though I use a Mac, they do drive me nuts though as someone in the house is always waiting on a delivery! Hope you're well.

  3. We love Lush - what a great gift!

    I got one purporting to be from paypal recently. Nasty

  4. I've gotten four "Notice to Appear and Testify" emails recently. Look very official. Needless to say, I never opened them. If someone wants me to appear they can have me personally served!


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