Thursday, May 8, 2014

Five Things Thursday

1. I just bought the most amazing pillows for the patio and porch. You know how expensive accent pillows can be. These are indoor/outdoor, fade and water resistant. They are a good deal at $20.00. But a better deal on sale for $17.00. On top of that, if you bought 3, you got the 4th one for free. With tax, that brought these pillows down to $15.00 each! 
2.  Recently, I "caught" Margarita cleaning my fans. I didn't really know she did that.

The next week, she had torn apart the laundry room and cleaned it thoroughly. She does a really good job of keeping this house clean.
3.  I always think these are the cutest bananas, but I've never bought them.
I wonder if they taste just like regular bananas.

4. They are making a movie out of Jersey Boys. Here's the trailer:

Jersey Boys

5. Mindy's all set for Steeplechase this Saturday!


  1. Those cushions sound perfect for our climate!

  2. I've never seen bananas like that here. maybe I just need to keep a sharper eye out!

  3. Oh my, that is a great deal on those happy pillows! I've just finished giving the house an all over cleaning . . . but I didn't do the ceiling fans!

  4. Now there's a hat and a half - she looks beautiful in it. The bananas look interesting and so pristine - I had to check they weren't artificial!

  5. we ate bananas that looked like that in Thailand!! Love the cushions....and the hat! x

  6. Cute hate and bananas. Love the colours on those cushions.


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