Sunday, January 11, 2009

It"s My Party and I'll Cry if I Want to!!

My 57th birthday started off with a pity party.  I was getting ready for church when I started feeling so bad that I had to lay down.  I was sick on Thursday, but it turned out to just be a cold and I felt better already by Friday.  As I was laying there trying to figure out what the problem was, it hit me.  I was having a hive attack.  Yesterday, I had one hive between my eyes and another on my right earlobe.  Since I wasn't breaking out any further, I figured my body was handling it. Today, I recognized what was happening.  It was so disheartening as I haven't had to take any prednisone since October 1st.  I thought I was finally over all of this---it's been nine years now.  Once I took my usual dose, I laid there and tried to think what might have set it off. I guess it could be the cold, but then, I'm really thinking it could have been some spice in the Indian food I had on Friday night.  If it was that, is totally wasn't worth it.

Anyway, I just cried for a little bit feeling sorry for myself.  I was finally feeling like I could get rid of this weight.  I hate how I look and I hate how this weight makes me feel. Then I reminded myself that I should be thankful that it's not something much worse.  I took a nap and 2 hours later, I was back to normal---still depressed, but feeling back to normal.  I have to say---the prednisone is like a miracle---and I'm really thankful for that.  I can't imagine what people had to go through in the "olden" days.

Sandy called to wish me a happy birthday, so we talked for nearly an hour.  They have 18 inches of snow on the ground and are snowed in.  Hard to believe when we had 63 degrees yesterday.

I had scheduled a computer lesson for myself at the Apple Store at 11, so I finished getting ready and left.  After that, I treated myself to a pedicure.  Due to the cold, I've entered into the coughing stage.  Between the coughing and sneezing, I really need to wear a maxi-pad.

Mindy called me several times, but we kept missing each other.  When I got home, Butch told me he had talked to her.  Then, he "made" my day.  Let me start by saying that Mindy has been loving her job---long 12-14 hour days---6 days a week and all.  That is until this week.  She called me on Tuesday and said she was exhausted and hormonal, but that she HATED her job!  I talked her off the ledge.  Well today, she called to say that she had finally been given a title---are you ready for this?  She is the Director of Internal Affairs and HR.  They are getting her business cards too.  The best part----a $4000. raise---after only 6 months!  Needless to say, she's on cloud nine and loving her job again!! I'm going to celebrate with here when I go to New Orleans on the 21st.  

Steph called to wish me a happy birthday and so did Jeanne.

That's when it hit me.  What really makes me the happiest is when all is right with my family and friends.  Happy birthday to me!!

PS I think I'm starting to have "old woman" feet. They just don't look as cute as they used to.


  1. At least you can hide your feet in the winter!

  2. I'm glad you managed to do something fun on your birthday! The girls and I are looking forward to your birthday dinner at the club on Wednesday. Hopefully you will be back to your old (no pun intended) self by then!

  3. I'm sure your hives are a thing of the past and it was just that yucky Indian food that set them off. I hate Indian food too. I think it's the spices, cumin and curry, YUCK! Anyway, I'm so glad you're feeling better and that your birthday turned out nice afterall!

  4. It is so funny to me that our whole family hates those two spices - cumin and curry! It's not like we are picky eaters, but all of us have declared our distaste for them...


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