Monday, October 13, 2008


The Colliseum was unbelievable.  About the size of a stadium---it held 70,000 people.  You can see part of the floor which ran across the entire top.  The grassy area is what was beneath the Colliseum and housed the animals and people waiting to perform.  Sometimes, they flooded this whole area so they could have boats on top.
When we were leaving the Colliseum, I saw this Roman and wanted to pose for a picture.  He handed me his sword.  It then cost me 7 Euros---Butch had a fit.  From then on, I didn't make eye contact with anyone!

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  1. Ahhh....your pics bring back memories of my trip to Italy 2 years ago. Not sure about you but aside from the architecture (sp?) I did not like the Colliseum. Knowing what really went on there made me uncomfortable and little sad.

    Also, I am cracking up about the people dresssed up outside the col. We wanted a pic but told them we weren't paying for it. No, we didn't get a pic! My husband was not there but he would have had a public fit as well!!!


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