Monday, April 21, 2008

It Doesn't Hurt to Ask...

This has been a great day---well, mostly.

I went to the Estee Lauder counter this morning in search of makeup that might possibly make me look younger. No luck there. The only promotion going on was the "buy" type where you have to pay an additional $27.00 to get some samples in a tacky purse that even if you thought it was cute enough to carry, everyone would recognize as the "cheapo" Estee Lauder promo. So, I acted all disappointed and asked the sales clerk if they had any of the "free" ones left from the last promotion. She said that they had sold out of that, but that she'd see what she could do. Well, "could do" meant the jackpot for me!!! Here's what she added to my bag: eyeshadow duo (that I nearly broke trying to figure out how to open), 3 assorted lip glosses to match the pencils I just bought, eyeliner, 2 lipsticks that also go with the liners, mascara and a sample bottle of Advanced Night Repair (I guess she was out of the super-duper advanced night repair). I met Butch for lunch and all that free stuff made him happy too. After all, he's the one that taught me to keep asking until they say "no"!!

When I got home I had some great news via email.

Connie and I started up a new book club recently. The book we read this month is called Miscarriage of Justice (sorry, can't underline or bold on here). The author is a local judge, so I decided to email him and ask him to come to our book club for the discussion. That was just yesterday that I emailed him and got a response this afternoon. He said, "I'd be honored to come to your book club". Yippeeee!! Of course, I'm pretty excited because all it took was an "ask".

Connie came over to walk this afternoon and called to my attention that I had given the author the wrong date! Gee thanks, Connie!!! That's what I love about her---she "catches all my boo boos"! And of course, by the time we got back from our walk, everyone else in the club emailed me and each other causing all kinds of confusion.

What an idiot I am!!! That's what I get for feeling all smug and self-assured. I had to email the author back with my tail between my legs and admit my mistake. I hope he doesn't throw the book at me!!! A little book club humor....

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