Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Grammy's

I thoroughly enjoyed the Grammy's tonight. Tina Turner is still incredible. Sure, you can tell she's slowing down, but for crying out loud, that gal has to be near 70!

Kahne West, give me a break---and way to go Vince!

But the moment for me had to be Andrea Boccelli and Josh Groban. Just goes to show that a young singer singing "old fogey" music can be hot. Move over David, after being in love with your for over 35 years, I might just have found someone new. Josh, "I think I love you- so what am I so afraid of? I'm afraid that I'm not sure of- a love there is no cure for". Ahhh, still a great song, oooh David, I had a little lapse. Forever faithful!


  1. haha Mom... good post. I only caught parts of the grammys, but I did happen to catch Tina Turner's performance and I agree that it was pretty good-- not only her singing for her age, but man, her BODY for her age! I don't know very many people (of any age) who can pull off silver spandex while standing next to Beyonce and still look good!
    About Kanye West: yes, he's a little self-involved but he turns out good music... maybe I'll burn you some of his better songs onto a CD and see if I can't get you liking (or at very least appreciating) his tunes.

  2. I didn't watch and the only person I've even heard of that you mentioned was Tina Turner! Talk about getting old...


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