Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Day 3 on Drugs

I'm just starting my third day of my experimental drugs and already hating it. I don't know how old people keep up with all their meds. I have 3 different things I have to take daily, but at all different times and amounts. One pill I take 3 times a day, I take two pills once a day, and 1 pill twice a day. Seems like it should be easy to keep up with, but it's not. I've already "screwed up". I think I took the 1 pill twice a day both at the same time and the 2 pills once a day separately. It's not like you can use one of those pill things and know at the end of the day if there are pills in there, then you didn't take them for the day. Each time I'm ready for a dose, I have to use all of my concentration to focus on what I'm supposed to do and when (very difficult for someone with ADD---for example, last night, I went into the kitchen to take the pills, noticed that there was a message on my answering machine, listened to it, jotted down a note about it, carried the note to the steps so that I wouldn't forget tomorrow to return the call, noticed poinsettia "droppings", picked those up and put them in the trash compactor, noticed that the chili needed to be put away, put it in several containers, froze one which caused me to think of a great scrapbook page title, jotted down the title, put it on the stairs, then had to wash the chili pot because there wasn't room in the dishwasher, decided to make myself some iced tea, had to stop and go to the bathroom, settled back into my chair---30 minutes later---and then realized about 15 minutes after that, I had forgotten the d*** pills). Aggravating.

On to the side effects. Okay, I knew plain well going in that this was something totally experimental and since it isn't harmful in any way, decided to give it a try. Well, nothing has prepared me for the side effects. I'm obsessive enough that when I get medicine, I read every bit of the information that comes with it so that I know what to expect. Normally, I don't usually suffer any side effects from any medicine, nor am I allergic to anything. The side-effects are pretty much the normal things, dizziness (experienced with that--caused me to decide that my skiing days are over), nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, and headache. Lucky me, I've got them all. Not fun, but I try to look on the bright side. I'm thinking, okay, it's only 3 weeks and maybe I'll lose some weight---which, depending on how much, could make it totally worthwhile. But the worse side effect of all--and it blindsided me because it wasn't listed in any of the information---is this god-awful taste in my mouth. Brushing and using mouthwash only helps for about 10 minutes. I can't imagine what my breath must smell like (ewww)! So now, because of the yukky taste, I'm constantly sucking on mints or chewing gum. I think that shoots the whole weight loss thing out the window. Now I stand to put on a few pounds---and I'm not even enjoying food or candy that I really like! Merry Christmas to me! All I've got to say is, this better work.

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