Friday, July 27, 2007

My Granddaughters are Pond Scum!

Oooops, I meant to say, they are cleaning pond scum! I can't believe how excited they have been to help their grandpa clean out the pond. We're taking a little trip to Green and Hagstrom in Fairview tomorrow morning to buy water plants and fish. So we planned to get the pond ready tonight. I've taken some pictures of them siphoning and scrubbing. It's a stinky, nasty job. I'm surprised they are liking it. Kind of reminds me of when we were kids and our basement leaked. We would get on our hands and knees with rags and sop it up into buckets. We weren't told to do it, or made to do it. We just wanted to. It was water. It was play. It was fun. I don't know why. Seems stupid to me now. But at the time, we couldn't wait to get to it.

With the enthusiasm that the Jordan and Morgan are showing, I think we'll make it an annual tradition: Family Clean Out the Pond Day. Ranks right up there with our Family Clean Out the Garage Day, or Steph's favorite: Family Clean Out the Pantry Day. She used to complain that no other family had a Family Clean Out the Pantry Day. I don't understand that. Call it what you want, but make it a tradition and give it a name. Continues to work for us. On to the next generation!

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  1. I'm surprised that the girls did the job without a little monetary incentive. This seems to be the only way to get my kids (mostly Mitchell) to do anything out of the normal realm of household chores. Maybe I'll try giving the chore a fancy name and suggesting it with great enthusiasm and see what reaction I get!

    By the way, I don't remember "Clean Out The Pantry Day", so that must have been after I went to college. And I can honestly say that I am NOT sorry to have missed out on this family tradition!


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