Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Great Expectations?

I received an email from Morgan---she also sent it to her mom. She's going to be moving in to her new apartment in August and has enlisted my help with the decorating. Her expectations are a little too great if you ask me!! Check out my response below her list.

Here is a list of what is going on in each room so you guys can get an idea of what I'm going for. I have attached links to stuff and if y'all buy any of it (you don't have to, just to show you what I like), let me know so I don't buy it as well! Thanks!! Tell me what y'all think..

I have some art for my room and all my furniture and such. I like this wall decal for over my bed:https://www.etsy.com/listing/223494355/crescent-sun-and-moon-ethnic-sunshine?ref=favs_view_15
I also need curtains in this room… The colors in the bedroom vary but the bedding is white and art and such are all colors.

I want to get silver soap dispenser and kleenex holder for in the bathroom.
I also want to get these three prints to hang on the wall along with frames for them: https://www.etsy.com/listing/126233254/elephant-with-flowers-love-book-print?ref=favs_view_14
I would like to get two red towels along with a red mat for in front of the sink as well.

Living Room:
I have a red couch and need a coffee table. I would like to have all black furniture but if you have any sort of table let me know. I also need two smaller tables/shelving (black as well) to have my aquarium set up on one and my record player set up on the other. Here are some things I like for the walls in this room:
Also, do you have any pillows to throw on the couch? Colors?
I need an area rug for in here, the whole living room is hardwood.
This room also needs curtains.

I am making the area where the table would go into an office space. What is the desk you have like? I need something small. And what is the chair like?
A rug for this area would be nice as well

I also want one of these chalkboard type deals like mom has for my keys and grocery list
My kitchen has a lot of area on top of the cabinets so I was thinking of putting some decor up there as well if you have ideas for that… as far as kitchen stuff goes my dad has a lot for me but if you have any mixing bowels, tupperware, tumblrs or to go coffee mugs, a mixer, blender, or any spices and kitchen essential type things that would be great. I have a bar in the kitchen so I need 3 bar chairs for that

Other than that I would like a mat for the front door and a mat for the patio.

Ahhh, my sweet, little, naive Morgan. At first I thought this was a joke. Then I realized that you have no concept of what a young college student’s apartment will look like. Most likely, nothing will match as you take hand-me-downs where ever you can get them. That’s where I come in. I will work my magic and have your place looking fun and stylish. It won’t be the least bit embarrassing, but neither will it look like a photo from House Beautiful magazine—more like something from “College Cute.” Trust me, I have had nothing but satisfied customers in all of my decorating endeavors!

I think she understands now that her expectations are a little too great! I'll be sure to share photos when I finish!
Morgan's on the right. Jordan is on the left. I'm decorating her apartment too---but she has NO expectations!! Still, I have some really fun and cute ideas for her too!


  1. I'd have likely told her she needs a job if she expects to buy all that stuff!

  2. Oh what a fun project to help with. I see lots of potential for do-it-yourself substitutes for the things she likes - I didn't realize Etsy could be so pricey ($17 for one, just one, wooden arrow). Good luck to you one and all.


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